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History of YOSHIDA HAMONO Co.,Ltd. - KYUSAKICHI - ZDP189 Kitchen Knives - Made in Japan

On the Japanese island of Kyushu there used to be a special kind of craftsmen who were called "field blacksmiths". These blacksmiths supported the local people in their daily work by manufacturing or repairing the necessary tools. These included various cutting tools used in agriculture, fishing, forestry and many other areas, as well as kitchen knives for everyday use. The history of YOSHIDA HAMONO Co.,Ltd. began in such a forge and since then the company has used the experience, knowledge and techniques passed down from generation to generation to manufacture a wide range of tools to the highest standards. Mission statement: Kitchen knives are tools that are used daily. A kitchen knife should therefore be designed in such a way that it becomes more and more familiar to us over time and we find its handling more and more pleasant and self-evident. Japanese people are known for the great care they take with their everyday objects. They want to achieve a high added value and enjoy their articles of daily use for a long time. YOSHIDA HAMONO Co.,Ltd. would like to do justice to this basic attitude and manufacture kitchen knives of the highest quality and high practical use. The aim of YOSHIDA HAMONO Co.,Ltd. is to manufacture kitchen knives of such high quality that they are a useful and reliable aid to the people who use them throughout their lives in their daily work. The ZDP189 blade steel:The premium ZDP-189 blade steel, always used in KYUSAKICHI kitchen knives, is a high quality powder metallurgy steel manufactured by Hitachi Metals Ltd, one of Japan's leading steel manufacturers, specifically for knife blades. The steel has a particularly fine and uniform microstructure, is characterised by high hardness (64 HR to over 67 HR) and exceptional wear resistance and therefore keeps its sharpness for a very long time. It is also noteworthy that the ZDP-189 combines its exceptionally high sharpness potential with excellent corrosion properties. In order to achieve the best properties of the ZDP-189 blade steel in a kitchen knife, the blacksmiths at YOSHIDA HAMONO Co., Ltd. use the skills they have acquired over many generations to achieve their goal: kitchen knives of the highest quality that will accompany their owners throughout their lives.

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