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The basis for a maximum cutting performance is the potential of the blade steel used with regard to the achievable sharpness as well as the cutting durability. Both ROCKSTEAD and KYUSAKICHI (Yoshida Hamono) mainly use high-end ZDP-189 steel from Hitachi Metals, which is the best quality for many users, especially in the kitchen knife sector. In order for you to enjoy your sharp knife for as long as possible, it requires regular maintenance and care. This also applies to knives with high-quality blade steels such as the ZDP-189 or the YXR-7.
BASIC INFORMATION ON USE AND CARE Always be careful when handling your outdoor or kitchen knife, because all ROCKSTEAD and KYUSAKICHI (Yoshida Hamono) knives offered by 作 zukuri are very sharp! Knives are for cutting. You can cut with them as long as the knife is sharp. It remains sharpened longer if you use it exclusively for the purpose for which it is intended. Always clean and dry the knife by hand! From time to time, you can clean wooden handles with food-safe oil (e.g. olive oil). Avoid cutting deep-frozen foods or bones, as strong leverage can occur!
CUTTING BOARD Always cut on a suitable surface (e.g. Hinoki cutting board - Japanese cypress - never cut on glass, porcelain or other hard surfaces)! The board should not be cut too much, it is sufficient to cut the food. Avoid scraping movements at right angles to your kitchen knife.
SHARPENING The sharpening system 作 zukuri Z.2 is particularly suitable for sharpening your ROCKSTEAD or KYUSAKICHI knife. The type of sharpening made possible by the sharpening tool Z.2 is also used by ROCKSTEAD and is basically particularly suitable for sharpening steels of higher hardness. The Z.2 also supports the sharpening of convex blades. It is ideal for re-sharpening KYUSAKICHI ZDP189 kitchen knives (Yoshida Hamono) because it provides exceptional sharpness in a short time and is also an ideal tool for carrying out necessary blade repairs. If you already have an assortment of water grindstones you can of course also use them! Ultimately, in addition to suitable tools, craftsmanship is always decisive when it comes to freehand sharpening. Never use a sharpening steel for knives with the steels ZDP-189 and YXR-7! Translated with
CORROSION PREVENTION The steels ZDP-189 and YXR-7 are high carbon steels. Although ZDP-189 is considered to be rust resistant due to its composition, we recommend keeping it dry. YXR-7 is much more susceptible to corrosion and should always be kept dry or protected with oil, at least in the not coated area. After contact with acids (fruit acid, onion acid, etc.) all knives should be cleaned immediately.
MAINTAIN SHARPNESS To maintain sharpness for as long as possible, we recommend that you strop the blade regularly. There are a variety of methods available, all of which are justified. We recommend to strop the blades on a board covered with denim fabric and impregnated with metal polish or that you strop your blade off directly on the sharpening tool Z.2 with a particularly fine sandpaper. This allows even the smallest break-outs to be removed (polished out) at an early stage and the sharpness of the blade remains much longer.
ROCKSTEAD SERVICE Should a re-sharpening become necessary over time, you can fall back on ROCKSTEAD's life-long free sharpening service. You only have to pay the shipping costs. In the event of major damage to the blade or other defects, ROCKSTEAD will provide you with a cost estimate and carry out repairs only if you expressly request them. If you handle and maintain your ROCKSTEAD knife correctly and in accordance with its intended use, you will be able to maintain its above-average sharpness for a long time without having to have it re-sharpened.
作 zukuri SERVICE The resharpening or repair of your KYUSAKICHI kitchen knives (blades) can usually be carried out directly by us (作 zukuri). Please contact us in advance with your request for a quote!
QUESTIONS? If you have specific questions about the care of your knife, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use our contact form!

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