ROCKSTEAD – cutting performance

ROCKSTEAD knives – Cutting capacity: The quality of a knife is defined first and foremost by its cutting capacity. The optimisation of this was and remains the primary goal ROCKSTEAD pursues in the development and production of knives.
When ROCKSTEAD began producing knives, the following objectives were defined: 1. ROCKSTEAD knives should cut extremely well!!! 2. Only the most suitable steels should be used (the premium blade steel ZDP-189 was developed for this purpose in cooperation with Hitachi). 3. ROCKSTEAD knives should have a perfectly flat surface in order to prevent nicks. 4. The blade geometries should facilitate an optimal transfer of force as well as extraordinary sharpness and edge-holding ability.
Right from the beginning, ROCKSTEAD has been using the two steels ZDP-189 and YXR-7. The latter meets particularly high demands in terms of toughness and is coated due to its lower resistance to corrosion compared to ZDP-189. Ever since, the extraordinary cutting capacity of ROCKSTEAD knifes has been impressively demonstrated at blade shows worldwide.
In our video, Noriyuki Ishida shows how the two steels favoured by ROCKSTEAD (ZDP-189 and YXR-7) are used. Particularly worthy of note is the simple yet effective means of care: metal polish is applied to a board covered with denim, providing a gentle way to polish the blade after prolonged or intensive use. Using this method, the sharpness of a ROCKSTEAD knife can be maintained for many years with no need for resharpening. Details on this can be found on the ROCKSTEAD website under the menu point: "maintenance".
In 2005 ROCKSTEAD carried out and recorded an impressive test of edge-holding ability. Nearly 800 times cuts Hiroshi Hanada a 25 mm thick hemp rope with the SHIN-ZDP.

This video is published on our website with the express permission of the Rockstead Corporation. Source: YouTube - ROCKSTEAD KNIFE: Hemp rope cut.

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