cutting performance

The quality of a knife is primarily defined by its cutting performance. Optimizing this was and is the most important goal that both ROCKSTEAD and KYUSAKICHI (Yoshida Hamono) pursue in the development and production of knives. The basis for a maximum cutting performance is the potential of the blade steel used with regard to the achievable sharpness as well as the cutting durability. Both ROCKSTEAD and KYUSAKICHI (Yoshida Hamono) mainly use the high-end steel ZDP-189 manufactured by Hitachi Metals. Meanwhile the steel ZDP-189 is also regarded as the "king class" for kitchen knives and is highly appreciated by professional and hobby chefs worldwide. Also the production of a kitchen knife with the steel ZDP189 requires special skills and a lot of experience. ROCKSTEAD and KYUSAKICHI (Yoshida Hamono) are among the few manufacturers who have specialised in the processing of ZDP-189 steel and are able to exploit the potential of this steel.
For applications requiring a higher toughness ROCKSTEAD uses the YXR-7 steel, also produced by Hitachi Metals. Blades made of YXR-7 steel are coated due to their lower corrosion resistance compared to ZDP-189.
In our video, Noriyuki Ishida demonstrates the use of ROCKSTEAD's two preferred steels (ZDP-189 and YXR-7). Noteworthy is the simple but very effective care method: Metal polish is applied to a board covered with denim fabric and allows the blade to be removed gently after prolonged or intensive use. In this way, the sharpness of your knife can be maintained for a very long time without "re-sharpening".
In 2005 ROCKSTEAD carried out and recorded an impressive test of edge-holding ability. Nearly 800 times cuts Hiroshi Hanada a 25 mm thick hemp rope with the SHIN-ZDP.

This video is published on our website with the express permission of the Rockstead Corporation. Source: YouTube - ROCKSTEAD KNIFE: Hemp rope cut.

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