About Koji and Dew Hara

Koji Hara

Koji Hara

                  Koji Hara Logo_kleinA native of Japan, Koji Hara was born in 1949 in Imari City. He emigrated Gifu Prefecture Seki which is Town of cutlery, learn the sample production from the old friend Mr. Al Mar in G.SAKAI company. Established a knife House Hara in 1985, become a custom knife maker. By the “air step” can be called his pronoun, won the Most Innovative Award of East coast custom knife show in 1998. Hereafter also won numerous awards in the US and Europe. Available Koji Hara Knives! Dew Hara

Dew Hara

                  Dew Hara Logo_kleinHe is the son of legendary Japanese knifemaker, Koji Hara and has just finished a four year apprenticeship with another well-known custom knifemaker, Anthony Marfione of Microtech Knives. After the graduated from the American University, he worked 12 years as a web designer. Become a custom knife maker in 2013. His knives are everything you'd expect from such a noble tradition. he has designed and produced these unique locking system precison engineered Tactical Folders. Available Dew Hara Knives!

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