ROCKSTEAD knives – developed and manufactured in Japan – meet the highest demands in terms of functionality, convenience and aesthetics. They combine innovation and tradition in an incomparable way. Their unbeatable sharpness, outstanding edge-holding ability and unique design are the result of combining cutting-edge manufacturing technologies with traditional knowledge of the art of producing knives and swords. Despite the use of specially developed high-tech processes, many of the steps involved in the final production can only be carried out by hand. The effort involved is significant and the number of units produced is therefore small. When it comes to developing and refining new and existing models, ROCKSTEAD takes into account the requirements of ROCKSTEAD customers all over the world. Knives produced in this way are referred to as “factory customer knives”. A ROCKSTEAD is the manifestation of what is technically feasible in knife production. Each individual ROCKSTEAD knife sets new standards with regard to cutting performance, and is the result of an uncompromising approach to the use of materials and a unique design in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.
The ROCKSTEAD Corporation is based in Sakai, part of the Osaka Prefecture in Japan. ROCKSTEAD has set itself the goal of manufacturing knives that match – or even exceed – the quality of handmade knives. You can find more information on the manufacturer’s website: www.rockstead.jp.
Details on the blade steels used, ZDP-189 and YXR-7, and on the materials used in the manufacture of a ROCKSTEAD knife can be found on our page “materials used”. It is particularly important that you choose your blade steel according to the purpose for which the knife will be used. We explain this in detail on our “Cutting performance” page with the help of a video.

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