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ROCKSTEAD Knives - unbeatable sharpness, outstanding edge-holding ability and unique design - Made in Japan. Read more... The quality of a knife is defined first and foremost by its cutting performance. The optimisation of this was and remains the primary goal ROCKSTEAD pursues in the development and production of knives. Read more...
KYUSAKICHI kitchen knives - The KYUSAKICHI kitchen knives made from the blade steel ZDP-189!

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zukuri_logoWelcome to “zukuri”, the online shop specialising in knives produced by Japanese manufacturer ROCKSTEAD ( ROCKSTEAD knives are designed as utility knives with a variety of purposes. As sheath knives or scouting knives, hunting knives or forest knives, pocket knives, gentlemen’s knives, all-purpose knives, work knives or tools for specific activities relating to angling, walking, hiking or gardening, as general household tools or as daily companions for unforeseen situations. And naturally a ROCKSTEAD knife also represents a key addition to any knife collection. For the knife blades, ROCKSTEAD uses only the two high-end steels ZDP-189 and YXR-7, both manufactured by Hitachi Metals. Both steels boast specific properties, so the choice of blade material is based primarily on the intended use of your ROCKSTEAD knife. Almost all models are produced in both the premium blade steel ZDP-189 and the high-speed steel (HSS) YXR-7. Exceptions are the Gentleman Knife 秀 SHU, the 才 SAI-ZDP (BK) and the 才 SAI-ZDP (BL), the 律 RITSU-ZDP, the 肥後 HIGO-MH-DLC and the Neck Knife 長 CHOU, which are made exclusively with either the ZDP-189 or the YXR-7 steel. You will recognise blades made from the YXR-7 blade steel easily thanks to their dark coating (DLC or HPC). The second important characteristic that distinguishes ROCKSTEAD knives is the blade geometry, which is so important for the cutting performance and efficiency. Here ROCKSTEAD differentiates between the HONZUKURI and SHINOGIZUKURI versions. In our shop, this important characteristic is always indicated in the technical details of the relevant knife. The third characteristic, which is important primarily for edge-holding ability, is the mirror polish, which distinguishes all ROCKSTEAD knives. Be it a fixed or a moving blade, each one is given a unique mirror polish, which can only be found with this level of perfection in ROCKSTEAD knives. More in-depth information on the ZDP-189 and YXR-7 blade steels, on the coatings used (DLC and HPC coating), on the HONZUKURI and SHINOGIZUKURI blade geometries, on the mirror polish and on the further specificities of ROCKSTEAD knives can be found on our page about “materials”.

In our ROCKSTEAD shop you can find the Sheath Knives category, which includes the 運 UN, the 根 KON, the 鈍 DON, the 律 RITSU-ZDP and the Neck Knife 長 CHOU, the Folding Knives category, which covers the 肥後 HIGO series of models, the 肥前 HIZEN and the Gentleman Knives 涅槃 NEHAN-ZDP, 秀 SHU and 良 RYO-H, and of course the models that boast the pearl stingray inserts so typical of ROCKSTEAD, i.e. the 悌 TEI, 信 SHIN and 智 CHI models, the 才 SAI (BK) and 才 SAI (BL) models with their unusual titanium grip plates, and the SHUN-ZDP model, designed by Dmitry Sinkevich and produced for a limited time and in limited numbers. In addition, under “Flashback – Finished Models” we present interesting models that are no longer being produced and are in private hands, such as the 義 GI, the 仁 JIN, the 礼 REI, the first 涅槃 NEHAN designed by Koji Hara and the BEETLE. In the “Coming our way” category, we present the models we have already ordered, but for which deliveries are still pending. Models not available for a short period of time, for which a production date is too far in the future and a delivery date cannot be precisely determined, can be found in the category “pre order possible”. On our “ROCKSTEAD models” page, you can find an overview of all the ROCKSTEAD models in the current collection.

If you have any questions relating to technical details or need advice on the selection of “your” ROCKSTEAD knife, we would be happy to help you. Alongside the ROCKSTEAD knives you can find in our online shop, the entire ROCKSTEAD collection is also available to view on site. Due to the low production quantities of individual models, there is no guarantee that every ROCKSTEAD model will be part of the shop range at all times. However, we make every effort to stock a broad range of models that can be supplied immediately (“in store”). If you wish to purchase a model labelled “Not in stock”, or another model not listed in our shop, then please make use of the forms of contact offered. We will respond quickly with information about the availability of the model you wish to purchase. You can find shipping details on our “Shipping costs” page.

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This post is also available in: German